Monday, 6 June 2011

two way sketchbook challenge

Just been looking at Dan Kent's 2'n'fro blog where he and another artist are passing a sketchbook back and forth to complete each others pictures.  It looks like a lot of fun and a great exercise and I'd love to give it a go if I can find a willing and reliable other to take part. check out Dan's site and if you fancy giving this a go leave a comment or contact me through my blogger account profile.  If there's a lot of interest I may try putting people in touch with each other.


  1. This brings back memories...many years ago when we all lived in the same apartment building, Jim Gurney, Tom Kinkade, Paul Chadwick and I would sit in the open-air court of Pasadena's Burger Continental and play sketchbook games.

    A common game: one of us drew a panel of a comic, then passed the book to someone who drew the second panel, and so on. Another favorite: one of us drew half of a picture on the top part of a loose sheet, then folded the page so that only the bottom lines showed. Then the next guy finished the drawing. When the page was unfolded the results were always a hoot.

  2. I remember Paul Chadwick mentioning this in an interview too now you mention it. The panel per person comic always sounded like a very fun idea. Some british artists did it on line in a thing called huzzah and huzzahnoir both of which are worth a look.