Thursday, 6 January 2011

A flurry of activity

It's raining here and I'm sitting at the pc, looking out over the garden and watchingour regular visitors.  In the last ten minutes I've seen a wood pigeon, two blackbirds, a robin, a magpie and a blue tit.  I was under the impression our garden was pretty devoid of birds but I think now that maybe they just didn't register with me when I saw them and this blog is actually making me SEE them.

I've just scanned the pencil drawings for the next few birds and thought I'd show them off.

I've sharpened up the pencil work on the robin and redrawn the legs as originally the balance was off and I expected him to fall over.  It's still not perfect but at least he looks like he'll remain standing now.

The Wagtail was a plump little fellow I saw on the grass outside our front.  The wagtails I usually see around here are usually the grey wagtail and they're somewhat sleaker looking.  This guy was just cute though. 

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